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What is SMS SEND?
Why use SMS SEND business service?
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The Business SMS Application

FACT: SMS Send Will Increase Your Sales and Profits!

FACT: SMS Send Will Improve Your Customer Relations!

FACT: SMS Send Will Save Your Business Money And Improve Productivity!


SMS text messages are one of the most effective means to communicate directly with selected individuals or to large groups. It is a highly personal and immediate method of communicating with customers and staff – with a high reach at a low cost.


Did you know that every mobile phone number in Australia has an email address attached to it. SMS Send makes it an easy task for your business to send text messages from Outlook or the internet to your staff members or customers – and they in turn can reply to your email or directly to your mobile.

Success in business depends on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Modern mobile technology has made possible electronic communication that is truly mobile – independent of time and place.

SMS Send Key Benefits

SMS Send offers a range of products and services designed to help your business keep in touch easily and effectively with staff, customers and suppliers. Used to full advantage, SMS Send will increase your sales and profit margins, enhance productivity, and reduce expensive call costs.

SMS text messaging dramatically simplifies staff and customer communications and improves staff productivity – with the beneficial outcome of saving your business a significant amount on expensive voice calls.

All of this can be accomplished in seconds and without leaving your desk!

The SMS Send business service is the leader in its field and takes pride in providing customers with complete solutions based on excellence in software design, usability and support.

As communications converge, SMS Send has become a valuable business tool that no smart business can do without.

If you want to improve your profitability, productivity and mobility of your business then using SMS Send is the right choice.

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